Reserve a Room


Library meeting rooms are available for educational, informational, or cultural meetings during the hours the library is open. Meetings must be free of charge and open to the public.

There is no charge for using the library’s meeting rooms. Groups may not sell merchandise, solicit for later sales, contacts or placement of orders, nor charge admission fees.

Not sure if your meeting qualifies? Check out our official Meeting Room Policy. If your meeting doesn't qualify, check out this list from the Chamber of Commerce of other meeting spaces in Marshalltown.

Each room may be reserved starting in May for the following July 1 – December 31, and in November for the following January 1 – June 30.

Groups can use the Community Meeting Room once per month. Library programs and events take priority over non-library bookings. If a conflict arises, the library reserves the right to work with the group to reschedule or reassign.

Persons in attendance at any meeting in the library must conform to the library’s Appropriate Behavior Policy.

Food and drinks may be served in the Community Meeting Room. The Community Meeting Room’s kitchenette is not stocked – cups, glasses, plates, utensils, coffee, coffee filters, and other articles must be supplied by your group. Groups should not expect to cook in the kitchenette.

Thirty minutes must be allowed between meetings. Community Meeting Rooms can be reserved starting a half hour after the library opens and all meetings are to conclude at least 15 minutes before the library closes.


Study rooms of various sizes are available for individuals and small groups to use for up to three hours and can be booked in advance once per week.

Food is not permitted in the Group Study Rooms.


You can request a meeting space through our online booking system or you can call the Information Desk at (641) 754-5738 ext. 4. Click one of the options below to find a room and get started. You will need a valid phone number to book online.

Note: requests placed on a weekend or after 5pm on a weekday may not be processed until the next regular business day.